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If you want to stop self-sabotage and build a better life by tapping into the power of your thoughts and emotions, you are in the right place.

I am Patrizia, a metaphysical counsellor, Registered Nurse and founder of Emotional Shift, an educational online platform for emotional wellbeing.

I have created Emotional Shift with one goal in mind – to help you build a better life and reach your full potential.

Emotional Shift is designed as a user-friendly platform that allows you to embark on transformational journeys with relative ease and tap into your inner strength and resources. 

Here to help you heal, grow, change.

With love, Patrizia 

Metaphysical Counsellor, RN


Take a simple action step for 30 days to build your Self Love habit.

A challenge is a great way to begin to learn how to love yourself and treat yourself well.

Start the challenge today: You will be pleased you did!



Free 30 days to Greater self love challenge

Free Resources

A collection of resources to support you including diaries, assessments, templates, e-books and healing meditations…

Breaking free of negative emotions

An empowering guide to help you breaking free of negative emotions.

Stop self-sabotage, boost your self-esteem and give yourself a complete self-concept makeover.

the book

Heal. Grow. Change.
At your own pace.

The solution you seek is within you.

Watch this video to discover what emotional shift is, why it matters and what the key is to stop self-sabotage and create a better life... 

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