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Life Balance Assessment

life balance assessment

This self-assessment workbook uses the wheel of life, also known as the life balance wheel, to help you assess and understand how balanced your life currently is.

This tool helps you map out and reflect on different areas of your life. It contains the visual wheel tool + a workbook you can fill-in from your device.


Self-care always comes first.

Healthy levels of self-care can decrease stress, strengthen the immune system, improve your health, enhance self-esteem, and more… 

How is your level of Self Care?

The Antidote to inner conflict and indecision

It is much easier to navigate through life when you know what your core values are, not just in every day choices and decisions, but also when you are at important life crossroads.

Values provide us a solid foundation and courage which we can always rely on.

“My Values” is a fillable pdf and has both a self assessment and a workbook  session. Enjoy it!

The Ultimate Guide to Positive Thinking

how to write positive affirmations

Have you ever noticed how powerful words can be? 

Positive affirmations are a powerful tool we can use to build ourselves up and ride the wave of emotional “turbulence”. Our thoughts and words influence every area of our life: the way we feel, our actions, what decisions we make, how we respond to life and how life responds to us. 

Learn about positive affirmations, feel better, change your life…

Appreciation is one of the healthiest emotions you can cultivate. Whereas gratitude involves being thankful for something, appreciation goes much deeper: it opens the door for the full experience of the value of something. Appreciation enables us to get in touch with feeling-good sensations that benefit the soul, our core being and our general wellbeing.

Practice Appreciation for 21 days and watch the changes..

The Universe most loved positive emotion...

Take the overwhelm off and gain more clarity.

The beautiful thing about the I CAN DO steps is that you can literally apply these steps to any challenge you want to overcome, and anything you want to accomplish. Whether you want to make a change or achieve a particular goal in your career, relationships, or any other area of your life.

The I CAN DO is one of my favorite life coaching model.. Try it! 



How do you know what you need to change if you are not aware of it?

For the next 7 days, notice the moments when you feel negative emotions but also when you feel positive feelings like  joy and serenity… write down your thoughts and actions in these moments.

This way you can get in touch with your inner world and begin to notice patterns…

Emotional Awareness Diary

Are you struggling with self-esteem?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is very helpful in combating automatic thoughts that are self defeating.

Use my CBT worksheet to help you shift your thoughts.

self-esteem cbt worksheet

Healing Meditations

Meditation is an extraordinary tool for transformation.

Open your mind to new realities; As you let in the power of guided imagery and positive suggestions, new possibilities and choices emerge…

Find healing meditations on our YouTube channel under Playlists.

We are on a Spiritual Journey

Appreciate the whole of who you are and let go of beliefs that don't serve you.  We are all on a journey doing the best we can, with the understanding, knowledge and awareness that we have at that time.. so "Let it roll"!
~ Louise Hay, a pioneer of positive affirmations.