Positive Mindset
3-week online course

“Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction.”

Welcome to the Positive Mindset Course!

This Course is for you if:

  • You want to live a positive, happier life. 
  • You want to have more control over how you feel and respond to what happens in your life.
  • You are willing to learn new concepts and make changes.

An empowering course based on Psychology principles

Inspired by the work of Psychotherapist Dr Albert Ellis, founder of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy; In this 3-week online course, you will learn to recognize the three underlying limiting beliefs behind every sabotaging thought and the twelve negative thinking patterns as well as powerful reframing techniques and the process to shift your emotional state. Take your power back as you learn how to free yourself from the influence of negative thoughts both your own and those of others.


How this course can benefit you

Some people think that a positive mindset means thinking that everything is great even when it really isn't.
but this is simply a misunderstanding.

A positive mindset is a rational way of thinking that:

Allows you to gain a different perspective as you see things with a clear lens.

Helps you to ride the wave of negative emotions because of your expanded perspective;

Allows you to access inner resources and creative solutions that you have but didn’t see before. 


You begin to manifest improvements in all areas of your life because as your perspective expands you begin to make different choices.

Positive Mindset
Course Content

- Welcome!

Lesson 1. Positive mindset demystified: Meet Dr. Albert Ellis

Lesson 2. Theme 1: Approval.

Lesson 3. Theme 2: Judgement.

Lesson 4. Theme 3: Comfort.

Lesson 5. Four elements of positive thoughts.

Lesson 6. Misaligned thoughts: 12 negative thinking patterns.

Lesson 7. Misaligned thoughts Part 1.

Lesson 8. Misaligned thoughts Part 2.

Lesson 9. Misaligned thoughts Part 3.

Lesson 10. How to reframe negative situations.

Lesson 11. A gift from Socrates: Learn and use his strategy.

Lesson 12. RRR: The Emotional Shift process.

These are short meditations with a series of positive affirmations for wellbeing. When you make these empowering affirmations your own, they will assist you in creating a positive life.

  1. Each day I meditate on positive thoughts.
  2. I release any need to judge others or myself.
  3. My inner voice is kind.
  4. I have the power to change myself.
  5. There is a positive lesson in each situation I face.
  6. My mind is filled with positive and nourishing thoughts.
  7. Developing a positive mindset results in positive experiences.
  8. All is well in my world.

According to Hootsuite, we look at our phone 80 times per day, or at least every 12 minutes… make your mobile screen something that inspires you!

These are 10 inspirational wallpapers (created with love) with positive affirmations. You are going to love them! 

  1. Choose; 2. Download; 3. Set up as home screen; 4. Enjoy!

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Plus a Certificate

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Positive Mindset course certificate

£29.00 (£127.00)

*Part of your contribution will support the Emotional Shift platform and part of it, will be donated to the UK Vipassana Trust.

"If you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it, then what you are, undergoes a transformation." ― Jiddu Krishnamurti
"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." —Carl Gustav Jung
"You are very powerful, provided you know how powerful you are." —Yogi Bhajan
I was once afraid of people saying ‘Who does she think she is?’ Now I have the courage to stand and say ‘This is who I am.’ ― Oprah
When I loved myself enough, I began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy. This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs, and habits – Now I see it as self-loving. ― kim McMillen
What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." —Ralph Waldo Emerson
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What people say


There are no prerequisites for this course. It’s open to anyone who desires to know more about how to cultivate a positive mindset, take control of their emotions and live a more positive life.


Your success in this course depends on your ability to put the information into practice. The information is simple, but understanding the information is insufficient. You have to be willing to do the exercises and implement the strategies in your life.

  • You’ll gain more emotional freedom as you learn to recognize and reframe the most common negative thinking patterns.
  • As you practice the techniques you’ll learn in this course, you may feel more in control of your emotions and responses to negative thoughts and situations.
  • As a result of your expanded perspective you may experience more clarity, resilience, confidence, serenity, happiness, positivity and more.

After enrolling, you will receive a confirmation email with your unique password. You can access the course via the ‘Login’ area on our website.  The Positive Mindset Course is designed to take 3 weeks to complete, but you’ll have access for 6 months after you enroll so that you can work at your own pace. Plus you’ll be able to download the audio mp3s and course material and keep them forever.

Only if you want to. We have created fillable workbooks so that you can type on the go from your device. (Saving trees ☺ We love our environment!) – We have only chosen very light colors so that if you do decide to print, it will be lighter on toner.

In this course, you will learn how to cultivate a positive/flexible mindset. People who have a positive mindset are less likely to experience depression and are certainly more resilient than those with a negative mindset.

This is a self-study program. However, should you have any questions, you can contact us via email and we will be delighted to assist you.

Positive Mindset course

✅ 12 audio Lessons 

✅ 15 pdfs resources & Worksheets

✅ Bonus: 8 positive mindset affirmation series

✅ Bonus: 10 inspirational wallpapers for your mobile phone

✅ Certificate of Completion

✅ 6 months access to the course. Plus download audio mp3 and course material and keep them FOREVER.

✅ Use the worksheets directly from your device, no need to print

✅ Follow at your own pace

£29.00 (£127.00)

*Part of your contribution will support the Emotional Shift platform and part of it, will be donated to the UK Vipassana Trust.

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