Chapter 1: Learn about the background of Spontaneous Remission;

Chapter 2: Dive into the fascinating results of the study with many original quotes from Cancer Survivors.

Inside the e-book you will learn and discover:

✅ Real stories and original quotes from Cancer Survivors;

✅ Common factors among stories of survival;

✅ The story of Spontaneous remission of cancer;

Physiological and Psychological hypothesis;

The natural course of cancer;

✅ The five lifestyle changes Cancer Survivors made prior to the remission; (called existential re-organisation)

You can read along the lines, and perhaps find the answer to whatever crisis, or challenge or question has been in your life…

'You have to really kind of guard your time and allow yourself a chance to just listen to you and be yourself and be in tune with the Universe, or God, or whatever you want to call it' – Ginny, Cancer Survivor